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Blog Review: ‘Kayla in the City’ by Kayla Kleinman

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Name: Kayla Kleinman
Blog Reviewed: Kayla in the City
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 04 01 Blog Review Kayla in the CityLaunched almost five years ago, Kayla’s corner of the blogosphere is a minimalist black, light blue, and dark fuchsia on white fitness blog focused on making healthy easy and approachable.  If you are wondering who this person is to have a fitness blog in the first place, you might start your exploration of this blog on her “Race Recaps” page—in the last four years, this lady has participated in eight marathons, including three during 2015 alone!

I’d say that, at the very least, Kayla might have some good personal advice well worth reading, wouldn’t you?

Like many other blogs that I’ve recently reviewed, navigating Kayla in the City is a little difficult.  Other than the abovementioned “Race Recaps” page, the top menu offers six other options: “Home”, “About Me”, and “Contact Me”, as one would expect, and “Class Reviews”, “Workouts”, and “Recipes”.

Under “Class Reviews” are all the fitness classes Kayla has reviewed and I have to admit that she makes attending one sound very tempting despite my current winter-energy-slump, although quite unfortunately I am way too far from Manhattan to afford the commute.  Most of her posts are accompanied by some pretty great shots of her in action, which makes you understand how she managed to run so many marathons in recent years (seriously, eight!).  Some of her workouts are listed here and I look forward to her completing this page to see the full extent of how she keeps up.

Of course one expects someone like Kayla to be very careful with what she eats, and the list of recipes on the, well, quite aptly names “Recipes” page reflects this care.  The one recipe that particularly caught me eye is the one for channa masala with eggplant.  Yum.

Kayla does tag and categorize her posts, so it only takes a bit of time for readers to pick out some tags to make their navigation easier.  I focused on the “Move To The Music” and “No Equipment Workout” which both have encouraged me to up the ante on my personal exercise routine, winter blahs or not.  And I feel that Kayla’s overall energy and natural enthusiasm for fitness will do a lot to encourage many readers to do the same.

You can also find Kayla on Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

1 thought on “Blog Review: ‘Kayla in the City’ by Kayla Kleinman

  1. Thanks so much for the review! Be sure to check back soon since I have a big redesign / makeover in process for the blog!

    Also a note that I’m a certified personal trainer + group fitness instructor as well, but of course people should still use their discretion since I’m providing more of a generic overview of fitness rather than personal training plans for everyone’s individual needs.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

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