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Blog Review: ‘Vintage Press’ by Rachel Milne

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Name: Rachel Milne
Blog: Vintage Press
Her favourite post:

Sahar's Reviews Blog Review Vintage Press Rachel MilneThe first thing that caught me when visiting Rachel’s website was the tagline: “The Ramblings of an 80 year-Old Woman Stuck in an 18 Years Old’s Body.” It first made me smile, then made me wonder: what kind of old woman would have such a beautiful, fresh blog. Black, grey, and mint on a white background, Vintage Press is only dated—if even—in the wisdom and concerns reflected in some of the posts.

Not bad for a blog that was launched at the beginning of this year!

Rachel tells me that Vintage Press is “a collection of all the nifty things I’ve found, whether it be a yummy recipe or tips on how to save money for college!” The four sections (other than the “About” section) have been well filled out in the last eight months of blogging. The bucket list section is just that: Rachel’s list of things she would like to “accomplish sooner rather than later.” It reflects the ambition of this college girl, and will make you want to cheer for each item struck for her list.

The college section includes helpful tips such as The College Student’s Guide to Course Selection, as well as fun posts such as DIY Terrarium: A Great Way to Liven up Your Dorm Room! The fashion and beauty section includes a lot of the typical, practical posts in this category, such as The Best Fall Nail Polish Colors and The ULTIMATE Skin Care Routine.


The Food and Health section took me by surprise. It is a refreshing collection of posts here that are broadly related to the topic and make for some fun yet interesting reading. From 20 Songs to Make You Happier in the Morning! to The Acceptance of the Liebster Award Nomination!, there is a certain joie de vivre in these posts that, if you can absorb, is bound to make you feel better. Rachel also has a Nifty Find of the Week series which can definitely help brighten your day. You can also find Rachel on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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