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Sahar’s Reviews Presents: Maeve’s Monthly Movie Review Number 3

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Yet again, Maeve grabbed your attention last month in her review of the quintessential mean girl movie of the same title as the phenomena, Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Tina Fay.  Readers have been adamant, and it’s confirmed: Maeve’s Monthly Movie Review feature on Sahar’s Reviews is here to stay.  And for those of you who want more, you should check out her book reviews on Goodreads.

You’re welcome.

The fact that May launches wedding season made it easy to choose a review to spotlight this month: “The Wedding Dress” starring Neil Patrick Harris.  Yet again, Maeve shared her deep insights in an easy to read movie reviews, which as previously explained I feel is due to a combination of the clarity with which she expresses herself but also because she doesn’t feel the urge to write using big words and complicated sentence structures.

The Wedding Dress (TV) — Hope and Expectations, by Maeve


The Wedding Dress (TV), 2001

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Tyne Daly, Margaret Collin, and Kathryne Dora Brown.

Synopsis (From NetFlix):

A beautiful wedding dress moves throughout the six degrees of separation when it ends up in the hands of six different brides-to-be and changes their lives forever in ways they could never have expected. Tyne Daly and Neil Patrick Harris (television’s “Doogie Howser”) star in a romantic drama that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day … or any day.

My Thoughts (The first half is spoiler free and I give fair warning when it changes):

The Wedding Dress DVD CoverThe first thing I would like to talk about is prejudice and expectations.  When I got this movie off Amazon as a gag gift for my sister (who loves Neil Patrick Harris) I did not expect to actually like it.   It’s a made-for-TV movie after all!  And a schmalzy looking one at that!  But I was wrong.  This movie is amazing, and wonderful, and touching, and fully deserving of a second viewing.  I highly recommend it and luckily it is available through NetFlix (or my sister if you know her and she’s willing to lend it to you).

I may sound tongue in cheek, but this actually is a big lesson for me.  Prejudice can be destructive and I could have easily never watched this beautiful film because of mine.  We often speak of the big prejudices like racism and sexism and xenophobism, but I think the little prejudices can creep up on us all and keep us from both fully enjoying life and from creating a more perfect and unified world.  Prejudice can keep us from thinking we have something to learn.

“For a period of six thousand years history informs us about the world of humanity. During these six thousand years the world of humanity has not been free from war, strife, murder and bloodthirstiness. In every period war has been waged in one country or another, and that war was due to either religious prejudice, racial prejudice, political prejudice or patriotic prejudice. It has, therefore, been ascertained and proved that all prejudices are destructive of the human edifice.”   ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Ok, so that quote was about the big prejudices, but the last line says “all prejudices are destructive”.  I rest my case, now onto the actual movie.

Read the rest of the review here.

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