Ten Recommended Reads: Week of 12-19 February 2016

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There are so many great blog posts that I get to read during the week that I took a page out of many a bloggers’ book and decided to share a round-up of my favorite ten posts each Friday, which can either be used to make this evening’s commute go by quicker, or to accompany tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee.

Blog Posts on Relationships

Brittany reaches out to her husband with a touching love letter on the occasion of an ordinary day of marriage, while DeAnna shares some tips on how to keep a marriage strong.

Blog Posts on Personal Development

It might seem counter intuitive, but as Meghan explains, slowing down can actually help you do more.  In a similar vein, Rachel has been testing living more fully with less–including in her kitchen, where she has a limited number of gadgets, allowing her to do more with each one.  Emily gives us some tips on how to become an early riser, which, to me, gives us the time to take things slowly–drinking a cup of coffee at the break of dawn while watching the snow falling or birds flying around is quite a way to start the day.

Krysten discusses how falling off the bandwagon is a normal part of forming new, healthier habits and that is shouldn’t stop us from getting back in the saddle.  Then we have Vicky wondering how badly we want something if we don’t feel like pushing ourselves to get it.

On a much more concrete note, Lexi, writing for Miss Millennia Magazine, helps readers differentiate between normal periods and problematic ones.

Blog Posts on Community Development

Two completely different types of posts made it under this heading this week.  Many is not most of us have heard that the bees are not doing too well.  Farrah found a great book that will empower anyone who wants to do a little something for the bees to do just that.  And then we have Laura, who discussed how she thinks the needs of cultural exchange have been changing so much.

In short, some great reads to keep you busy this weekend!  If you have any reads you would like to see featured, tweet me @Saharou.

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