Bahá’í Fiction Project

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As a writer of fiction featuring Bahá’í characters, I am interested in all fiction either featuring or written by a Bahá’í.  I decided to keep track of them here, in case someone else is looking for these books as well.  For the books listed on Amazon, simply change the “.ca” for “.com” or the top level domain of the Amazon website that delivers to your country!

Books marked with an asterisk are those I have read.

Adult Fiction

Consulting Detective, by Alan Manifold

Love: A Short Story Collection*, by Sahar Sabati et al.

Warp and Woof: Weaving Community Life*, by Sahar Sabati et al.

Young Adult Fiction

Illumine Her*, by Sieni A.M.

Scar of the Bamboo Leaf*, by Sieni A.M.

Spirit Within Club*, by Sahar Sabati

Spirit Within Club 2*, by Sahar Sabati

With Oars and Compass*, by Hamed Javaheri

Middle Grade Fiction

Coming soon!

Children’s Fiction

Kamal’s Day*, by Leona Hosack

Mason’s Greatest Gems*, by Chelsea Lee Smith

Nuala Says Her Prayers*, by Sahar Sabati

Starr and Her Family Host a Feast*, by Sahar Sabati

The Blue Animal and The Talking Bush*,  by Sahar Sabati


5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote