Nineteen Day Feast Devotional Programmes

Every 19 days, Baha’is around the world come together to pray, read from the Sacred Texts, reflect about the state of their communities, and plan for what steps they can take to make things better.  My husband and I have been preparing selections of readings from the Sacred Texts of the Baha’i Faith for some time now, and thought to share them here in case anyone needs a last minute devotional programme–or is interested in reading about the theme of any of the 19 months of the Baha’i year.  Just click on the Arabic name of the month, and you’ll be taken to the corresponding Dropbox download page.




Usual Gregorian
start date



1 21 March Bahá Splendour
2 9 April Jalál Glory
3 28 April Jamál Beauty
4 17 May ‘Aẓamat Grandeur
5 5 June Núr Light
6 24 June Raḥmat Mercy
7 13 July Kalimát Words
8 1 August Kamál Perfection
9 20 August Asmá’ Names
10 8 September ‘Izzat Might
11 27 September Mashíyyat Will
12 16 October ‘Ilm Knowledge
13 4 November Qudrat Power
14 23 November Qawl Speech
15 12 December Masá’il Questions
16 31 December Sharaf Honour
17 19 January Sulṭán Sovereignty
18 7 February Mulk Dominion
26 February Ayyám-i-Há The Days of Há
19 2 March ‘Alá’ Loftiness