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Blog Review: ‘Rosiemay’ by Rosie Pert

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Name: Rosie Pert
Blog: Rosiemay
Her favourite post:

Sahar's Reviews 2015 09 25 Blog Review RosiemayBlogging since early last year on her website Rosiemay, Rosie Pert has put together since then “a collection of thoughts in respect to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.” She states that she is “all about health and happiness” and that she “love[s] to portray this through writing.” The blog boasts a crisp, clean, modern black and white minimalist look that features five sections: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, and one titled “My Project Diary”.

The fashion section includes a really practical series of posts on how to shop for quality items, the first one of which can be found here. There are also some great posts that, instead of feeding fashion advice blindly to readers, seeks to increase their capacity to enjoy fashion. For example, here is a thought-provoking post that challenges readers to ask themselves some really important questions about their look.

The beauty section features some of the usual stuff like hairdos and makeup tips, but also shares with readers easy natural skin care recipes they can do at home. One of my favourite posts in the lifestyle section is one about the Southeast Asian Night Market she attended—there is something about her shots that made me want to reach into the screen and pop into the market. The food section is mostly composed of yummy looking “Weekly Eats” posts

Not everything is rosy and peppy in this blog, as the author admits to having some difficult times with university as well as with her body image (which happens to also be her favourite post). All in all, this blog started strongly and has a lot of potential to grow into a strong voice of things both uplifting and challenging. You can also find Rosie on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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