It’s 20/20 for 2020

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So, I have to start 2020 with a confession: I’ve been cheating on y’all.

I know a lot of readers have noticed that I haven’t been updating the blog nearly as often as I used to.  And although I use the generic excuse of being a relatively new mom, truth is that I have been reconsidering my online presence.

After years of blogging here and getting relatively little recognition in relation to all the work that I do (although I get a lot of recognition from those of you who have been there since the beginning, cheering me on—love you!), I consulted with a few professionals who suggested I consider starting from scratch.

They also suggested that I choose a name that is broader than basically my name.

Are you leaving?

Don’t panic!  I’m not going anywhere.  But I do think that I need to change the way that I approach this writing online business as a, well, business, if I want to make it sustainable in the long term.

So after careful consideration, I’ve decided to start a parallel website called Little by Little.  It’s pretty much what you would find here on Sahar’s Blog, but with a couple of distinct differences.  The first is that I am working on finding more collaborators.  Not just mere guest posters, but collaborators who will basically have their own column on the website.  Second, I will be moving towards monetizing the website, because I would love to write full-time.

Sahar’s Blog isn’t going to go anywhere. I will be updating it at least once or twice a month to keep all you loyal readers (some of whom have been with me all the way back since I first started in 2007, all the way to 2020–for now!) up-to-date on my shenanigans.  But the bulk of my creative efforts will go to my writing and to a new endeavor: the recently launched website Little by Little.  I would love to see there as well!


3.00 avg. rating (72% score) - 2 votes

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