An interesting take on Global Warming – and a PhD

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I love humour. It’s such a great way to highlight some of the nonsense that floats around a little too heavily in our world today. I recently found a really funny take on Climate Change I’d encourage you to check out, here and here.


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2 thoughts on “An interesting take on Global Warming – and a PhD

  1. I didn’t take you for a climate change skeptic. I’m no scientist but couldn’t record cold temperatures also be a result of temperatures in the world going wonky, which could also be a bad thing? In which case we should still be trying to do something about carbon emissions, etc..?

    1. I’m not a climate change skeptic – but it doesn’t mean that I won’t read what others have to say about it, and also, that I don’t enjoy a good laugh or two 😉 The evidence is that global climates are changing and becoming erratic, and that even if it is part of a natural cycle, humans are definitely affecting it. In my opinion, both ‘natural’ and human causes are behind global climate change. If humans ‘fess up and take ownership of their contribution to the problem, the ‘natural’ course of global climate change will be less harsh than it has been up to now.

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