Fear Factor: Prejudices

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I’m told (and I’ve read) that sometimes, prejudices are born out of fear: fear that what is happening to that person happens to us, or that our insecuities will prove true and that we are going to be proven inferior to the very person or persons we hold prejudices against.

Which makes me wonder: is this why there is so much prejudices against obese people? Is it that we are afraid that the culture of over-consumption we willingly and joyfully embrace will one day make us unhealthy, too? And instead of tackling the issue of over-consumption and dealing with or fear, with choose to lash out at those who seem to exemplify it?

Interestingly enough, obesity isn’t even always – or even often – related to a person’s personal indulgences into a culture of over-consumption, but rather, they are victims of it.  How cruel then is it that the very structures that created the conditions for the morbidly obese turn against them in the form of obesity discrimination?

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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