Lots of good things happening

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While the situation in the world seems to be getting more and more dire by the day, we only get exposed to the worst news available. But when one puts a little time into looking for it, good news is also abundant. And, dare I say, at the rate this good news is increasing, it looks like it might surpass the bad news!

Oh, how I can’t wait for that day!

In the case of education, one of the topics I often blog about here, the public school systems in places like the United States and Canada might be coming apart at the seams from the top down; however, this has generated a lot of mouvement at the level of the classroom, started and maintained by wonderful people concerned with the welfare of the youngest members of our community.

One example is that of Emily Pilloton, who moved to one of the poorest rural areas in the United States and started a mini-revolution. ust to give you an idea into her perception of the world, here is a quote from her bio: “”At graduate school, people were starting to talk more about sustainability, but I felt it lacked a human factor,” she said. “Can we really call $5,000 bamboo coffee tables sustainable?” Convinced of the power of design to change the world, at age 26 Pilloton founded Project H to help develop effective design solutions for people who need it most.”

Listen to her talking about it here. It’s well worth your time, as the lingering warmth will last pretty much all day!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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