Michael Jackson passes away at the age of 50

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MJ3No, Sahar’s Blog isn’t turning into a celebrity tabloid blog.

And no, this event isn’t as important as the current turmoil in Iran and increasing tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world nor as important as China’s human rights transgressions.

But you know what? Michael Jackson was an icon, and had a massive influence on popular culture around the world.

The impact that this one person had on the world is amazing. May he rest in peace.

Watch BBC cover the aftermath here.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson passes away at the age of 50

  1. I’ve decided the pay tribute to my all time favorite artist by writing about what he tried to do through music. I like millions of others will miss Mike and I thank him for the music he gave the world. I’ll see you in Heaven Mike.

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