Not for the story as much as for the comments…

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Lost tool bag among biggest items misplaced by an astronaut

One of two U.S. astronauts who had set out to begin maintenance on the International Space Station Tuesday watched her tool bag float out into orbit after a grease gun she was carrying inside it exploded.

And so on, so forth.

Onto the fun part: here are a couple of the comments posted:

by gary fortt7: heidiemarie…..dont worry about losing one bag. air canada does it all the time.

by YoYo Yo: Must be a union job up there. They always “accidently” lose things and mysteriously the item shows up at home

by Salubrious: Aw come one, I thought that was rather witty . “Houston, we have TWO problems” Get it? 1) We HAVE a problem 2) We’ve lost the toolbag to fix it. Sheesh. Haven’t you seen Apollo 13?

by Pumpkin eater: Is Tim the Tool Man on this team? What about Joe the Plumber? Why do they hire a rocket scientist to do a journeyman’s job?

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