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Seriously, this quote is perfect in the spirit of yesterday’s election in the US:

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” (Oscar Wilde)

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  1. Obama is certainly a person with the first quality but the irony is that every president was deemed to have such a charisma at the time he was elected but most end up going out with the second quality. The reason for this is when a president is elected there is plenty of hope and idealism but these evaporate once reality sets in. When an electorate expects too much and when it always wants things to be done its way, then the president will always go out causing happiness amongst the electorate.

    once the euphoria is over this time, it is hope those who had voted for him will not expect everything are done to their total satisfaction.

    A Malaysian says:

  2. While it’s true, Novice, that people tend to take the easy way out of problems – i.e. idealize a new, fresh face behind the presidency, and expect it to perform miracles and ‘fix’ the country without them leaving the comfort of their couch, I don’t think it means that Obama doesn’t deserve the admiration he is getting. It’s only when people get up and take action, supported by a government removing obstacles from their paths, that any country can hope to change. Personally, what I like about Obama’s message is that he isn’t going to be able to do the change alone – it’s the country that has to make it happen, and he will help. Unfortunately most people haven’t understood that.

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