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It’s been a little while (OK, fine, not that little a while) since I have posted reflections on this blog. The reasons are numerous, but most important is the fact that when your thoughts are jumbled and your direction, unclear, it’s rather hard to reflect on anything coherent enough to be shared with others.

Interestingly enough, that in itself has become something of a learning for me. Learnings are endless, both in quantity and in time. Any individual has so much to learn, and each learning takes a long, long time (and then some). I recently became aware of just how much I still have to learn despite what I have learned in the previous couple of years. The last couple of months have been a sort of a time to mentally and spiritually reorganize my learnings, as well as my approach to them.

Readers of this blog – particularly those of you who have been emailing me regularly demanding updates – will be happy to know that writing is still central to this process. I got caught in other writing projects, which is yet another reason for my neglect of this particular blog. It is only when I picked up a pen a couple of days ago and started writing down my thoughts that they started coming together. I still have a lot of thoughts to go through, but finally, after months of confusion, my feet have landed back on the ground, and I can start walking the path of service and learnings once again.

I find this exercise all the more important that it has to applied not only at a personal level, but also at a societal level, if we are to help advance human civilization. I started rereading Paul Lample’s book Creating a New Mind. It’s funny how one’s understanding of the same material morphes and changes according to one’s experiences; we all know theoretically that it happens, and yet when it actually does, it begs for a moment of appreciate for the process of change, another step of which I just might have taken.

But I digress.

The first chapter of this book speaks about the importance of creating a new mind. Helping advance human civilization implies overcoming obstacles that have kept us from creating a world of peace we have the tools to create. A mind stuck in a pattern of thought from the past cannot but repeat these mistakes again and again, be they set against a more evolved backdrop.

If “human reality is is bounded by the limits set in the mind”, then it becomes evident that a regular exercise in expanding that mind is an integral part of the advancement of human civilization. For me, this implies more time put into writing out my thoughts, reflections and learnings, so as to be able to constantly, contiuously and systematically increase the limits set in my mind. This is something that I knew before, but lately, this knowledge has shifted in yet another unique, ah-ha, life defining way.

I’d love to hear about your own ah-ha moments, recent or not, when something deep inside you shifted, when you knew that you would never be quite the same again – in a good way. And while I read all your emails (seriously guys, consider putting some of your thoughts in the comments section!), it might take me longer than usual to answer because of a faulty internet connection. But I will, as always, answer, promised!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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