Reflections on NaNoWriMo08

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Well, it’s over – I have written 50’000 words and created a brand new novel, Dead-Alive. I’m very happy with the first 40’000 words (most of which have already been published on this blog), the last 10’000 need some major editing. Is there a NaNoEdiMo (National Novel Editing Month) coming along by any chance?

I’m glad I participated in NaNoWriMo; the fact that I found out about it after it had started and just signed on without quite knowing what I was getting myself into made it all the more exciting. However, because of this very reason, I also lost many opportunities to truly learn from the experience.

Lessons for the month?

  • Do challenge yourself by participating in such online events
  • Do push your limits to the extreme
  • Do sprain your ankle right before you have such a challenge to do, because since you will have nothing else to do, you will manage to get all the writing done
  • Don’t share things unless you are certain of the outcome
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and
  • Don’t underuse the resources that are available to you.

In short: it was exhilarating to be accompanied by so many people, some writing with me, others reading my story, others doing both and others who, while doing neither, were sending me emails of support and encouragement. The instant messaging at all hours of the night trying to get out of a writing rut was also a lot of fun. I would definitely encourage anyone who is even mildly interested in writing to get into it next year!

Until then, keep writing (and visiting Sahar’s Blog)!

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1 thought on “Reflections on NaNoWriMo08

  1. Congrats on your writing success! It was a very exciting month. My novel will need some SERIOUS work over the next few months, but I’m happy with the overall outcome! And I think that April is actually National Novel Editing Month… it should be on the NaNo site! 🙂

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