Review: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 10

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This week’s episode marked a nice little break for me, since, after the roller coaster of a beginning of season we had, nothing overwhelmingly major or totally unexpected happened. It was shocking to see Claire hurt, I’ll admit, but apart from that, nothing big. It was a nice break that I look forward to ending next Monday.

But things still happened, the plot still advanced, and we are left wondering what is going to happen (especially regarding Claire).

About that eclipse, the centerpiece of this week’s episode: while it seems to have taken everyone’s powers away – at least, everyone whose powers we are aware of, I can’t help but wonder. Have other people, who didn’t have powers up to now, develop them? If everyone’s powers switch on at a specific eclipse and switch back off at another one, does it mean that before the eclipse of season 1, the older generation of heroes (and villains…) didn’t have their powers either? And does this mean that with the subsequent eclipse, the older heroes get their powers back and new heroes are discovered?

This is getting a little confusing…

So it might that for a couple of episodes, no one will have powers at all; the terrain is even, so it might be interesting to see how these people act without the security of their powers. If the end of this episode is any indication, some things won’t change: some will remain bullies & others will remain in power; some will remain heroes & others will remain villains.

Speaking of which, I hope Elle and Sylar make up their minds soon as to what they are. While they are still in character and we can understand what they are going through, it’s still slightly frustrating.

Another frustrating (yet totally cheesy) thing is the Daphne-Matt thing. They are in love? Really? Isn’t that asking us to take a leap that is was too big for us to take? Ironic, I know.

I also wanted to note that the initial idea was to keep new characters coming and going, but it would have taken a lot away from the depth the show is currently achieving. The weavings, in and out, of the various characters couldn’t have been done with an entire new cast each and every couple of months. Another thing that couldn’t have been done was to understand each character, rather than to meet, greet and say good-bye to. I find that the team took the hard way out, but sticking with the original cast, even if it meant readjusting their vision of the show.

Which makes me think that just maybe, a possible latent period where no one has their powers would allow for massive readjustment of characters who are now normal, for new alliances to be made and new characters to introduce (and maybe get rid of a couple of extra ones while we are at it).

And one last thing: it would be great if everyone would stop the romantic amalgamation of names, yet another JLo legacy! Syelle? Really?

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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