Review of Heroes Episode 6, Season 3

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So I finally caught up on Heroes and I was pleasantly surprised at the newest developments. OK, fine, I was ecstatic – finally a show that doesn’t mind playing with its characters, making them go from evil to good and back again. Heroes appeal just might be in the fact that even with something as extraordinary as the existence of these powers, the characters are very human in their reactions to them and very true to themselves. Who would have thought that innocent, almost naive Suresh would kill? Who would have thought that Sylar the killer would seize the chance of redemption so tightly as to become the savior of Peter, whose sole purpose was to save the world?

And of all the characters, it’s Sylar that speaks to me the most. Not because I, too, used to be a killer with an overpowering hunger to understand how things work (well, I do have that, but I don’t go around cutting people’s heads off), but rather because he reminds me of the fact that sometimes, people do horrible things not because they are horrible, but rather because they don’t see themselves doing anything else. And sometimes, it only takes a little help to get these people to see their potential and to put almost inhumane effort into changing their lives for the better.

So that’s my take on last week’s episode of Heroes. I’m very much looking forward to this coming week’s episode!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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