Review: Ugly Betty, Episode 7, Season 3

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What with all this election talk, I almost totally forgot about last night’s episode of Ugly Betty. It had to be totally AH-MAH-ZING to make up for the lack of Heroes this week (Sylar! Please be human enough to have been the one who slowed Peter’s fall!!!).

So first of all, I was happy to note that while Wilhelmina’s attire wasn’t back to white or black, it was, perhaps suitably so, a beautiful dark palette. I ever liked the ‘darkness’ of her severe hairstyle at the party. Is this perhaps to underline the lightening in her heart? The stains on her soul were countered in seasons 1 & 2 by her wearing the purest of whites (well, almost). Now that she is becoming less Satan, more human, she just might be able to afford wearing darker colours.

Speaking of which, Daniel has been wearing some pretty dour outfits. Well, relatively dour as compared to the Daniel of before and, I have to admit, dashingly so. If I’m not mistaken, he’s been wearing pretty much only black lately. Is it because he’s still mourning his father? That wouldn’t make much sense, since he was still wearing colour after Mr. Meade’s death. Is it a way to show us that Daniel and Wilhelmina are rubbing off each other? Or is it a reflection of Daniel becoming more responsible? Or maybe *gasp* Daniel is slowly turning to the dark side, as evidenced by his Connor-trick?

Speaking of which – ouch on Connor’s fiancée! As we were thinking that perhaps, maybe, Wilhelmina might have found a new guy, he turns out taken. And might I add that I don’t like Connor. He’s a player, and not only in the sense of playing with women’s hearts – but rather, he seems to be the kind of guy who plays everyone for his own benefit.

While all these questions (and the many more I have) are intriguing and make one wonder what is going to happen, there are a couple of little things about the last episodes that are still nagging at me, which makes me wonder if, perhaps Ugly Betty is soon going to jump the shark soon. Yes, I said it.

The show was built on the tension between Wilhelmina and pretty much everyone else. On the one hand, we can’t expect that the experiences that she had in the last three years didn’t affect her; logically, she has to change, and where the show currently is makes sense. Perhaps Daniel and Claire will annoy Wilhelmina enough that she is going to snap and go for 100% of the company rather than the 50% she currently has. Maybe the baby won’t be hers – there might have been a mistake at the clinic, or Christina might have had a drunken romp and the baby is actually hers. Or she was kidnapped by aliens – or is that too X-files? In any case, who knows – anything can happen in the show, and it should, since Ugly Betty might not be able to survive without all that juicy tension. Whatever the producers might think.  Cliff/Mark, Jesse/Amanda/Betty, Hilda/the US government just isn’t enough.

While last night’s episode was really good, it wasn’t as compared to the high bar that it has set. I have yet to make up my mind if Ugly Betty is going to survive or not. Because I’m such a fan, I’m willing to give it a chance, but if, by the end of season 3, something big doesn’t happen, I might stop watching it regularly.

And now, I brace myself for the onslaught of angry emails from psycho fans.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

2 thoughts on “Review: Ugly Betty, Episode 7, Season 3

  1. I LOVEDDDDD this episode…I actually thought it was the “BIG” thing I was waiting for. It reminded me of the good old, season 1 days. It was beautiful and reminded me that beauty is about who you are on the inside, not the outside – that whole message is why I started watching Ugly Betty!
    I really hope it gets picked up for a 4th season.

  2. Really! Well… While I do agree it was good, I will stick to my guns, because I think that UB writers can come up with much better a plot. Let’s see what this Thursday brings 😉

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