Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 12: Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

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You would think, from my complaining during the last two months about the hiatuses on the many shows I watch, that the exact dates of their return would be imprinted on my very soul.

You would be wrong (and not because I don’t have a soul).

I missed the return of Heroes by five days. Five whole days! I missed Fringe’s return by a couple of days, too, and only stumbled by accident on The Office’s new episode (including the amazing Superbowl episode).

But the worse? The fact that I completely missed out on the return of Ugly Betty! I had so thoroughly missed the show’s quirky humour set in the world of fashion that, as a defence mechanism, I had shunned its very existence (perhaps that’s a mild exaggeration, but it makes for good reading).

Whatever the case, it all comes down to this: I missed out on a month of new Ugly Betty episodes! This is what happens when you don’t get TV Guide. And I can’t find Episode 11 (Dress for Success) anywhere online anymore. Thankfully, I found both Episodes 12 and 13, so my life isn’t over yet.

So Episode 12, Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, opens up on the Suarez’ taking Ignacio home from the hospital. While it’s adorable to see them fretting all over him while pretending everything is fine and dandy so as not to worry him, it’s also interesting to see how diseases, sickness and various ailments change the entire dynamic of a relationship. While someone who is sick and/or recovering does need special consideration, it’s almost as if we forget that they are still capable of doing a lot of things. And while someone who isn’t feeling well does like being taken care of, that doesn’t mean they like being treated like a child.

Betty: I might have lost Dad.

Seriously? How many years has Ignacio lived in New York? And he has never used the public transportation system? I understand that they are overprotective of their father because the thought of losing him is scary – heck, I don’t want my Dad to die, either – but there is a thing called moderation.

Then again, perhaps that’s just me.

I found Amanda worrying about Betty’s health totally adorable. However it was interesting to note that although Amanda thought it was Betty who had had the heart attack and not Ignacio, she didn’t take the time to call Betty or to go visit her (well, Ignacio). Makes you wonder just how little Amanda has changed – i.e. that while she might like Betty, it’s still the same old self-centred Amanda. In a world of uncertainty, it kind of feels comforting.

Then again maybe not, since my world was somewhat shaken by the way Molly is dealing with her Connor dilemma (I might be exaggerating somewhat again). Is it fair, the way she is keeping the truth from Connor? On the one hand, it is somewhat considerate that she doesn’t want to be cruel, telling him she’s dating Daniel while he’s alone (or so she thinks). On the other hand, doesn’t he deserve to know, especially since Daniel is (supposedly) his friend?

Let’s talk a little about Suzuki St-Pierre versus Byron (kudos to the actor by the way). Doesn’t it make you wonder how far we have to go to ‘make it’ in the world today? Is it normal that talent and hard work don’t seem to get rewarded as much as giving the world what it wants, be it tabloid reporting versus real journalism? I have spoken to many young people who are starting on their careers, and they are faced with the same type of dilemma whatever the field they are in. Should they stick to their idealism, or should they compromise it to find a better position?

Highlights from the episode:

  • Sorry Detty fans, but Molly and Daniel make a really cute couple!

  • Connor & Wilhelmina’s goggle tans.

  • The pink, crystal-covered boot shaped vase in Wilhelmina’s office.

  • Ignacio: “You know what I really want, a chilli dog with fries.” Justin: “Heart attack or not, that is just disgusting.”

  • Amanda: I know but these things (heart attacks) get passed down, they’re generic!

  • Amanda: Mark you’re hurting me! Mark: Really? Amanda: No.

  • Mark: Why must God test pretty people so much more than lumpy people?

  • Mark: He’s a serious journalist. He doesn’t take bribes. Amanda: You need to blackmail him.

And, to end this on a high note: where is Christina, and when is Willy’s baby popping out?

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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