The Economic Crisis: Let the beat go on?

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All this thinking about the economic crisis has made one thing clear to me: it has definitely shattered any remaining sense of security, as financial institutions have been toppled and governments have only been able to come up with temporary solutions.

However hard this crisis has been and is going to be, I don’t think that it needs to go down in history as a bad things; quite the contrary, this is the perfect opportunity to change things, not only superficially, but at their core.

I mentioned in a post yesterday how greed is the root cause of this economic crisis, and I stand by my statement. Greed is such a powerful foe that it often grabs a hold of the noblest minded individuals and sweeps them away into a world of more, more & more.

How can we possibly fight something as powerful as greed? It is clear and obvious that there is a need for an enormous change, for a new awareness to be raised, and for a spiritual revival on a scale never seen before than would make the revival of spirituality during early Christianity and early Islam pale in comparison. After all, this revival needs to be strong enough to create an entirely new species of men and women which will be able to fight an entire system infused with greed.

Bring it on.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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