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Organizing Creatively: Some Insta-Spiration

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Some Insta-Spiration on Sahar's Blog

Organizing comes easily to many readers of this blog, but not doing so creatively—that’s a whole other ball game! Thankfully there are some people out there who manage to balance out the two just fine, and are kind enough to share their talent with the rest of us. My post about favorite pens and journals has kicked off a tangential conversation about beautifying agendas, calendars, notebooks, and all other organizational tools the best of us use. I thought to share with some of the best Instagram accounts on this topic I have come across.

The fabulous Mae has put together not just shots of her planner and how she organises herself, but also the result of this planning in the form of pictures of everything she manages to accomplish in a day (sometimes I wonder if she has a time-turner). Charlie Hartwell regularly shares pictures of the pages of her planner, as well as pictures of her stationary hauls with a link to the store where she bought them from. If you want to go for pastels and a gently cutesy look, this is an account to follow. Keri’s account is more of the same for gold tones and a more elegant look. Ashleigh also shares pictures of her planner and her stationary—her style is simple and elegantly cutesy—alongside pictures of planning experiments and asks her followers for their opinions on planning related questions. As a Canadian, I have a bit of an extra fondness for her!

Feeling creative and want to jump right into it? Silent Poetry Arts shares pictures of her private life (including some of her adorable three kids!) as well as pictures of the washi tape she sells through her Etsy story. Charlotte Victoria also sells washi tape alongside other planner related goodies, many of which she makes herself. Cori (also known as The Reset Girl) also has a shop filled with goodies, including stickers and labels she designed herself. If you like elegant and simple designs, May’s Instagram is an account you will want to follow. Christy’s Instagram account has tons of pictures of the washi tapes and stickers she sells on Etsy.

And I would now like to apologise for the state of your credit card balance.

Photo Credits: Ashleigh, Charlotte, Cori, Keri, Mae, May.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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