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Blog Review: ‘Class Meets Couture’ by Cat Galletti

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Reviews 2015 10 23 Blog Review Class Meets CoutureName: Cat Galletti
Blog: Class Meets Couture
Her favourite post:

The picture heavy Class Meets Couture by Cat Galletti—a blog that recently hit its one year anniversary—is a delight to the eyes both with regards to style as well as content. She described her blog as a place “where [she tries] to inspire readers to explore what they’re passionate about. Through fashion and lifestyle posts, [she hopes] to motivate readers to find some excitement and a little bit of class in their lives.” The simple and clean look of the website—mainly white with grey and light blue detailing—is the perfect, classy setting for some great shots which are filed under three categories and ten subcategories.

The fashion category features a collection of outfits of the day sorted by season: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Some of the suggestions need to be taken with a grain of salt; for example, the winter shots are of outfits that wouldn’t make it through the Canadian winter. One particular recent gem is this beautiful outfit, filed under spring.

The lifestyle section includes the recently launched Currently Coveting feature, which is a dangerous place for your credit card to hang out in. From how to stay organised to how to decorate your apartment, the College Life section will want to make you up the ante a little while the Guides section will help you figure out just how to get things done. As for the travel section, well, it will make you either miss or want to visit the states and cities in the United States Cat has visited, or take a trip to Europe or South Africa.

Cat’s presence on other social media platforms are just as pleasant to visit, be it on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Take a look… If you have the time to spare!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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