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Book Review: ‘My Life as a Potato’, by Arianne Costner

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About the Author, Arianne Costner:

Arianne Costner is a former English teacher who firmly believes that writers should crack up at their own jokes. Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona as the oldest of five, she currently lives outside of Los Angeles, California with her husband and children. Her favorite kind of potato is the tater tot, with mashed potatoes coming in close second–as long as they’re not gluey. Visit her at and follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

About the Book, ‘My Life as a Potato’:

My Life as a Potato by Arianne Costner

Ben Hardy believes he’s cursed by potatoes. And now he’s moved to Idaho, where the school’s mascot is Steve the Spud! Yeah, this cannot be good.

After accidentally causing the mascot to sprain an ankle, Ben is sentenced to Spud duty for the final basketball games of the year. But if the other kids know he’s the Spud, his plans for popularity are likely to be a big dud! Ben doesn’t want to let the team down, so he lies to his friends to keep it a secret. No one will know it’s him under the potato suit . . . right?

Life as a potato is all about not getting mashed! With laugh-out-loud illustrations throughout, hand to fans of James Patterson, Gordan Korman, Jeff Kinney, and Chris Grabenstein!

Review of ‘My Life as a Potato’, by Arianne Costner

For someone who lives in Idaho, not loving potatoes can be crippling, to say the least.  How can one not love potatoes?  Doesn’t Ben realise the endless possibilities it offers?  I mean, just think about it: chips (in an assortment of flavours), fries (and endless combination of sauces, not to mention poutine), accordion potatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled potatoes, fried potatoes…  Yum, much?

So please join me on this campaign to inspire Ben Hardy to love potatoes.

This book is such a delight to read for all ages.  While it is about a middle school student, the themes is touches on are universal: acceptance, popularity, and relationships, both romantic and platonic.  I mean, which adult can deny that they hesitate sometimes before doing something out of fear that it will have them labelled as a pariah, and cost them whatever social clout they might have?  I know I definitely have felt trepidation at doing something I knew was right, just because of its potential consequences on my social “status” (although to be fair, I don’t think I have much of it in the first place).

It was also, quite honestly, just a plain fun read, and God only knows how much we need that at the moment.  Thankfully available via Kindle, you might want to consider picking this little gem up just to brighten up that coronavirus self-isolation experience.

Stay safe, everyone, and please self-isolate!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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