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Music Review: Aradia – ‘Citizen of Earth’

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AradiaSeattle’s electronic/pop artist Aradia released last October her album Citizen of Earth, a collection of electronic music, a good portion of which is reminiscent of the style preponderant in the 1990s while remaining quite diverse. Driven by the “do it yourself” spirit, she writes her music, records it herself, designs her costumes, and provides her own graphic design.

In this collection of 11 tracks, the self-proclaimed proud citizen of earth has taken the time to compose socially conscious lyrics which are set within fresh, trippy, infectious, and little otherworldly melodies. “There are people out there who feel lonely or weird, like nobody truly understands them or talks to them, and I feel like I empathize with and give voice to them and their fears, hopes and concerns,” Aradia says. “Some musicians connect best with the super depressed, some with partiers, others who hate their lives and are angry all the time – but who’s out there talking to those who may feel alone but who are deep thinkers who truly care about where we’re going as a race – but also want to have fun? That’s what I am about and what Citizen of Earth is about.”

The resulting sounds very playful for the most part, what with the mid-to-uptempo electronic beats and the use of percussion, without undermining her optimistic outlook on life on our planet. It feels like a hodgepodge of sounds at times. For example, the 1990s are especially present in the cheerful “Today” which is not quite a dance track, not quite a pop one, but has a definite rock vibe to it. In contrast, “Knock Knock” is angst-ridden, electronic-laden, and rock-infused, while the use of a sitar makes “Magic” and “Keep On” sound almost meditational. Elsewhere, it seems like Citizen of Earth has also been influenced by The Eurythmics, particularly when “M-Class” kicks off.

Aradia’s soft voice, which the opening “Trouble” introduces us to, is steady but at the same time it denotes a certain vulnerability, giving the album a bit of an Ellie Goulding vibe in the overall sweetness of the vocal experience. When at times, such as in the early Lady Gaga-sounding “On Fire”, the vocals don’t seem to keep up with the melody, distortion and other instrumental additions make up for it. And speaking of “On Fire”, it brings together not just her some of Lady Gaga’s vibe but also channels—get this—a bit of Imogen Heap. Aren’t those two names you never would have expected to appear together? Then again, this is a track about the joy of being empowered – something both have in common.

Citizen of Earth brings together some familiar and unusual/experimental elements that will make for an interesting listen for fans of electronic music. More information about Aradia is available on her official website . Her album is available for streaming on her SoundCloud page.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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