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Music Review: Joan Torres’s All Is Fused – ‘The Beginning’

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Joan Torres’s All Is Fused released in August of last year a great album titled The Beginning. The jazz ensemble includes artists who previously had the opportunity to work on Joan Torres’ project together—Sergio Gonzalez and Gabriel Vicens on guitars, Fernando Garcia on drums, Jonathan Suazo on the saxophone—while welcoming Emanuel Rivera on the piano and Gerson Orjuela on drums. Joan Torres’ also contributes in the form of bass.

The many layers in most of the tracks on The Beginning make for complex melodies. The piano is heavily present throughout the album; the trumpet makes a heavier appearance in the latter tracks and, in “Disruption”, flirts heavily with the piano. From the very first notes to the last ones, clearly talented artists create great instrumentation. From the dynamic “Summoning” which starts off the album to the upbeat and vivacious “Release”, “Disjunct Realities”, and, surprisingly enough, “Mess”, most of the album is quite lighthearted and uplifting. But there are also some dark moments in this set; “Nightmare” is dark and somber throughout, while “There Was You” features some somber moments; “Escape” starts in a dark place but then, aptly enough, escapes into the dynamic, upbeat, and vivacious light that defines most of this album.

Lovers of the genre would do well to pick up a copy of this album. More information about Joan Torres is available on his official website and tracks can be streamed on SoundCloud.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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