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Product Review: ‘Le Pavillion’ Tumbler by Kate Spade

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I love most of the designs I have up to now spotted, over the last few years, on the Kate Spade website.  Alongside the ‘This Just In’ sticky note set, which I recently I reviewed, I purchased a ‘Le Pavillion’ white polka dot on black background insulated tumbler, which comes with a bright pink straw.  Holding 20 ounces of water, it became a permanent desk accessory.  Six months later, is it still worth the money?

Who is Kate Spade?

Kate Spade’s story is quite inspiring, to say the least.  She seems to have started off as a very ordinary, typical American female, working hard to make a good living.  She came up with a good idea: to create “stylish and sensible handbags” which the market wasn’t offering at the time.  (Source)

The company’s website states that Spade debuted “with just six silhouettes”, but that the way “she combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes” was “entirely new.”  Today, there are some 140 Kate Spade stores across the United States and more than 175 internationally, with even more shops carrying a selection from the brand (such as Canadian bookstore Chapters).  The brand is now a lifestyle brand inspiring “colorful living” through “handbags and clothing to jewelry, shoes, stationery, eyewear, baby, fragrance, tabletop, bedding and gifts.”

The Kate Spade & Company website reflects a commitment to corporate responsibility, stating that the company “is committed to responsible corporate citizenship and giving back to the communities in which [it works and lives] through a variety of avenues,” with “programs that support the long term well-being and vitality of [the company’s] consumers, major operating communities and citizens of the world at large.”

The Benefits of a “Stationary” Reusable Cup

While there are obvious benefits to getting a reusable cup one to carry around—namely, not using disposable cups at coffee shops—what would be the benefit of getting such a cup for one’s desk, seeing that one could just make good use of any good old glass?

It definitely is an item that one doesn’t need; rather, it comes in quite handy.  For one, it contains 20 ounces, which means less coming and going for refills, meaning more hydration on days when you just can’t leave your desk.  It also allows to decrease water waste—the lid keeps dust out of your water even overnight.

I find that using a straw increases the amount of water that I drink overall.  An insulated cup keeps any ice used cold longer which helps decrease energy usage.

And it’s pretty!

How is the Tumbler Holding up after Six Months?

Reviews 2016 04 20 Product Kate Spade Le Pavillion Tumbler 01I was really excited to take this puppy home and after a quick wash, it immediately took residence on my desk.  Sleek, simple, practical, and pretty, I immediately started drinking a lot more than previously, when I was using a glass.  I didn’t get up as much anymore for refills, so I did have to remember to do stretches at my desk more regularly, but that was the only drawback of switching from glass to cup.

The bottom of the cup is lined with a ring of rubber, which means that it doesn’t slip as much as my glass used to.  I did knock it over a couple of times, but the seal that runs under its lid kept all the water in; a couple of drops came out of the straw and some from the lid where the straw goes in, but it was nothing compared to what would have happened with a glass.  ::shudder::

The cup is said to be isolated and boy does it keep my ice water cold.  I would have to refill ice a couple of times in the afternoon when using a glass; with this cup, the ice only melts completely after a good 3-4 hours.

Reviews 2016 04 20 Product Kate Spade Le Pavillion TumblerIt seems like this cup was turning out to be perfect, until I started noticing the polka dots scratching off, however careful I was with it.  People who know me can attest to this: I really take good care of my things.  Like, really good care of them.  But whatever I did with this cup, the scratches keep accumulating.  If my nails—which I keep short—scrape the cup even gently as I reach for it; if I place any item too close to it; or if it tips over—it will have at least one more scratch on it.


If you take as good care of your things as I do and like them to stay as pristine as possible, then no; whatever you do, the dots on this tumbler will scratch off.  But if you don’t mind that, then you can definitely add it to your list of cups to consider purchasing.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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