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Author Spotlight: Anna Staniszewski

Let’s be honest here: I’m turning into quite the Anna Staniszewski fan, what with my review of I’m With Cupid, The Gossip File, and The Prank List, and her two previous appearances on Sahar’s Blog, the first in the form of a guest post centered on The Gossip File and her first appearance in the… Read More Author Spotlight: Anna Staniszewski


Going barefoot for a Cause

This is a very inspiring story – especially considering the age of the person of interest. <!– –>My barefoot challenge By Bilaal Rajan, Friday April 24th 2009 About: Toronto-based author, fundraiser and UNICEF Canada Ambassador Bilaal Rajan is 12 years old and has raised almost $5 million for programs worldwide. During National Volunteer Week (April… Read More Going barefoot for a Cause