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Product Review: Clean Reserve H2EAU, Tom’s Deodorant, and Blue Lizard Sunscreen

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Butterly has been spoiling me lately!  The team sent me, earlier this month, their Earth Month Package containing three products to review: Clean Reserve’s H2Eau rollerball perfume in Nectarine Petal, Tom’s of Maine’s Natural Deodorant in Rose Vanilla, and Blue Lizard’s SPF 50 sunscreen for sensitive skin. I have recently started posting follow-up reviews about six months after my initial post, and sometimes even a year after an initial review, so if you are interested in knowing my thoughts on these products after a more long-term usage, come back in a few months!  But for now, I was asked to post a review within a week of receiving these products.

Clean Reserve H2EAU Rollerball Perfume in Nectarine Petal

While Brilliant Peonies smelled like spring, Nectarine Petal smells like the freshest of summer day.  It’s delicate and sweet, with a subtle and soft smell that lasts most of the day.  I wasn’t able to smell it from under my sleeves though, so it really is a light smell.  I already mentioned in my Brilliant Peonies rollerball perfume (here) that the company seems pretty good in terms of the environment, which is a plus.  However, I still haven’t found much with respect to their ethical practices towards their workers.  Also, the price tag on this perfume is a little hefty, so you might want to first try it out at a store before purchasing.

Blue Lizard SPF 50 Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

There isn’t a lot of sunshine yet where I live, so I’m not sure how this product will fare when subjected to more intense sunlight.  I’ll continue using it over the summer and let you know in around six months how it went, in a follow-up review.  Now my skin isn’t sensitive, but the skin of my hands has been suffering lately from all the washing throughout a dry, drying winter (the joys).  So the skin there is, at the moment, very sensitive.  So I tested the sunscreen on my hands, as well as on my neck.  The formula went on smoothly, and disappeared pretty fast compared to other mineral sunscreens I’ve used (which is good because I could rapidly put on gloves on cold days.)  There is no strong scent, and no residue transferred to my scarf, gloves, or sleeves.  In terms of packaging, it comes with the usual tube associated with suncreens, although this one seems to be made of thicker material than the other brands that I have used in the past; I wonder if it means it has a higher carbon footprint than thinner tubes.  I also want to look into the recyclability of these tubes versus bottles.  On the one hand, the state of plastic recycling is horrendous everywhere, but for some products that have no alternatives, I would still rather use plastic that can be recycled.  I’m going to look into these things between now and my follow-up review in around six months, as well as into the company’s ethical and environmental practices.

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Tom’s of Maine Rose Vanilla Natural Deodorant

I mean, as far as deodorants go, this one smells great (it’s more a musky rose vanilla, not a light and bright one, which works very well as a deodorant), goes on smoothly, doesn’t leave a residue, doesn’t transfer to my clothes, and leaves me smelling great all day (at least in the spring; I’ll test it throughout spring and summer and update this review in a few months.)

However, just like with so many deodorants, my main concern with this one is the plastic tube.  Yes, Tom’s of Maine Rose Vanilla comes in a tube made of recycled plastic, so it’s a little bit better than other options.  But at the end of the day, the plastic tube is probably going to end up in a landfill, even in places where we are supposedly recycling our plastic (don’t get me started on that.)

My other concern is that this deodorant is a little pricey here in Canada.  It seems to usually go for around CA$11, whereas I found it for as low as US$4.  So, Canadian readers, if you like this deodorant, perhaps consider picking these up in the USA instead. 

Will I?  Probably not.  I’m still looking for a plastic-free alternative.  But I am going to wait and see how long this deodorant lasts, and dig a little more into their ethical and environmental practices.

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