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The X-Files Revival Cheat Sheet Number 1: Lists, lists, and more lists

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It’s like counting down to Christmas Eve one month later for X-Philes all over the world as 24 January 2016, the date The X-Files six-episode revival event, will be airing.  To help bring those of you too busy to spend way too many hours scouring the internet up to speed before and during the event, Sahar’s Blog will be featuring some of the most informative, interesting, and just plain fun posts I have come across in the last few months, starting with everyone’s favorite: lists.

65 Things You Need To Know About The Mythology Of “The X-Files”
The truth is out there: 20 surprising facts about The X-Files you (probably) did not know

Although it looks like many of the episodes in this event are not mythology based, and that we have been promised again and again that the episodes will be shaped in such a way that newbies won’t get too confused, it always helped to have a certain number of facts down pat–well, at least as down pat as it possible with this show.  It’s also always fun to know the less important but interesting quirkier facts.

15 Reasons Scully From “The X-Files” Should Be Your Fave

Get acquainted or re-acquainted with FBI agent Dana Scully.  Or, because everyone needs some validation, seek yours in this post.

“You’re My 1 in 5 Billion”: 18 Times The X-Files’s Mulder/Scully Ruined Us for All Other TV Romances

They are the reason why the word “ship” in the context of television relationship exist and to this day, make many a person envy them.  Here is how they just ruined it for so many of us.

‘The X-Files’ is back: Here are 5 times it predicted the future

Fiction is sometimes weirder than reality, but sometimes, reality becomes just as weird as fiction.  Some of the cases Mulder and Scully investigated involved phenomena or science that only existed in the minds of the sci-fi writers have become since then reality.  Let’s see if the trend continues…

10 Scariest X-Files Episodes Of All Time

If you are not sure you can handle how scary the show can get, you can test the waters with these 10 episodes, many of which made my own list of Halloween-worthy X-Files episodes.

Top 5 ‘X-Files’ Episodes of All Time: A Critic’s Take

If you haven’t had the time to refresh your memory or to delve into the show at all in anticipation of the event, you could make do with lists of “top episodes” such as this one–although you might find out early on while searching for such lists that opinions differ, quite a lot even.

The Truth is Right Here: These are Vince Gilligan’s Top 10 ‘X-Files’ Episodes

You could also decide to stick to a sub-category of “top episodes” lists, such as this list of best Vince Gilligan episodes–yes, the same one who created Breaking Bad.

12 Best Comedic X-Files Episodes

Believe it or not, but if you are in need of a good laugh, these episodes are bound to amuse you just as much as they creep you out–and sometimes even more so.

Visit these X-Files filming locations to prep for the show’s revival!

And if you are still in need to pass time before the first episode begins, find out if the show ever featured a location near you–you’d be surprised at the lengths the show went to find some of these places, and how different they look in real life!

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