Complex Thinking for Complex Times: Balancing Everyone’s Rights

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We are not living in simple times anymore.  These complex times require complex thinking.  We are being challenged, as a society, to think about new solutions to problems unique because of the advances humans have made in the last 200 years.

Because of the speed with which we are advancing and because of the interconnectedness of the consequences of our actions, both unique to modern times, we cannot indulge anymore in a “who is right” discussion; more often than not, the solution lies in one of the many shades of grey between the extremes of black and white.

School Shooting Are Not Part of the Life We Want, Gun-Lover or Not

When it comes to school shootings, I’m pretty sure that no one would say that they are an acceptable part of our lives.  School shootings, and mass shootings in general, should be eradicated.

For some reason that I don’t understand, there is a pretty large contingent of people who are convinced that they need guns in their lives.  Convincing them to let go of their guns has not yet worked—and I have a feeling that it won’t, at least, not for a very long time.

And, in the meanwhile, there are children dying from shootings in their schools.

Passions run high and we want immediate results; we think that by continuing to fight to eliminate guns, we can achieve success immediately.  But we have been proven wrong, time and again.  There are forces involve in this discussion that are much more powerful than we realise.  Do we continue down the same road, or do we try something new?

Because not only children are dying, but countless others are traumatized for life.

Balancing Out the Right to Live with the Right to Own a Gun

Gun lovers want the right to own guns.  And I would like to think that we can, in 2018, figure out a way for someone who wants to carry a gun to be able to do so; we should be able to, in 2018, figure out how we can coexist despite our different life choices.

Currently, the way things are, the gun owners right to carry guns has created a situation in which someone can carry out a mass shooting, potentially killing one of our children, one of our family members, one of our friends—or even, one of us.  Surely gun owners don’t wish for this to happen to them, either.

So maybe the question shouldn’t be whose right is more important, but rather, how can we protect our children while giving people who can handle it (i.e. won’t lose their guns to someone who will go shoot up a school, or won’t shoot up a school themselves) the ability to have a gun?

I think that protecting our children is most important, but I don’t think that means that people can’t do what they want.  But gun owners need to step up and take into account the reality that guns are killing our children.  There has got to be a middle ground.

The Experience of Cigarettes and Second-Hand Smoke

There are precedents; smokers are asked not to smoke in places where they put others in danger.  Yes, smokers are much more uncomfortable now than before because they can’t just smoke up everywhere, but I’m sure that a fair-minded smoker light up their cigarette with a lighter (ha) conscience knowing that no one is going to get sick from the second-hand smoke.

Is it that far-fetched to believe that we can figure out something similar for guns?

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 3 votes

6 thoughts on “Complex Thinking for Complex Times: Balancing Everyone’s Rights

  1. i cant agree with the statement that gun owners rights give way for tragedy. I have a conceled carry permit, and i don’t feel like my right to safety makes it possible for others to commit murder. that being aid, i think measures need to be taken to ensure that someone who has ill intent can be stopped from performing violent actions.

  2. This discussion makes me really sad. It’s like everyone wants to defend their side of the argument rather than looking for a solution. Every side or wrong and just needs to be willing to budge a little to come up with a better way. This is definitely a gun issue as much as it is a mental health issue. They both need to be taken more seriously. We also need to pay more attention to our surroundings and teach our kids to also. How does an Uber driver see this kid who was clearly up to something with a bag asking to be dropped off at a shool when the day is about to end and not think something is not right? Authorities also need to do their part and take these tips more seriously and actually look into people who others report! We need to work together as a society.

  3. Jerome, you are absolutely correct. I Googled a map of the states with the highest and lowest gun deaths. The states with the most stringent gun laws saw fewer gun deaths. I agree we are not the only nation with people who are mentally ill but we do have a higher number of deaths due to guns. So the issue is not mental illness it is guns. Wayne La Pierre spoke at length this morning on MSNBC and blamed Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and on and on he ranted, however, since his agenda is guns and the gun industry, he never, even once, mentioned that guns were the problem. Well, Mr. La Pierre, guns are the issue, too many guns, and too many military weapons in the hands of civilians, who should never own a military weapon.

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