First Jessica Simpson, now Christina Aguilera: Fat, really?

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While some people envy celebrities for their lavish lifestyles, I constantly find reasons to feel very sorry for them. A couple of months ago, Jessica Simpson, a beautiful and talented young woman, came under fire because she supposedly looked fat. While I still am of the opinion that the pants she was wearing were not flattering, she wasn’t anywhere near fat.

And now, Christina Aguilera, yet another young talented woman (oh, her voice… How I love her voice) comes under fire for supposedly letting herself go. As friend and fellow blogger, Miss Bob, puts it:

Did I wake up in an alternate universe this morning? “Piled on the pounds”? “So much weight?” Give me a flippin’ break. If all women looked like Christina looks right now, health care costs in this country would plummet. Reduced diabetes, reduced heart disease, reduced strokes…need I go on?

It makes me wonder how we are going to break free from these ridiculous norms society has somehow come to identify as beautiful. It’s all the more reason for those of us aware of this situation to engage more women and men in the conversation – perhaps if we reach a tipping point, we can finally see some concrete changes!

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