Review: Heroes, Season 3, Episode 20, aka Volume 4, Chapter 7: Shades of Grey

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Something about spring is making me quite philosophical – more so than usual. So when I (finally) sat down to watch Episode 20 of Heroes, I wasn’t as focused on the action as I usually am; instead, I found myself musing about its title.

Life – and ensuing decisions – really are all about Shades of Grey. What an apt title for an episode where each of our heroes have their own decisions to make, now more than ever. And, faced with a battle none of them would have thought to ever be involved in, their decisions aren’t easily classifiable as either black or white; they are all, yes you guessed it, different shades of grey.

How can I not be philosophical?

But when it comes down to it, is there really such a thing as shades of grey when considering what is right from what is wrong? Or has every single one of us, caught in the grip of a self-centred & ego promoting society, slowly slipped into a state of moral mediocrity, which makes us not only take morally wrong decisions, but unable to identify why they are morally wrong?

And if what was happening in Heroes was real, what would we do? Isn’t it during difficult moments that more than ever we should strive to stick to our beliefs and values, refusing to fall prey to fright, confusion and the primal instinct of survival?

Quite the heavy questions for a beautiful spring day!

The one character at which I find the title is aimed at most specifically is the creepy Emile Danko. His continuing obsession with doing what he thinks is right costs him to sink to horrifying levels of immorality. While you and I probably haven’t sunk that low, we probably have done shady things to ensure that what we think is right does happen. And that is quite the scary thought.

On a lighter note, the entire story arc of Hiro, Ando and Baby Matt was so much fin to watch, starting with the nickname Baby Matt inherited: Toddler Touch and Go!

Hiro: Heroes change the world. Not diapers.

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