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Music Review: Nashaat Salman – ‘Universal Melodies, Vol. 1’ EP

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Nashaat Salman’s Universal Melodies EP, released last month, might fill a Yanni-less void through its well-crafted melodies that take listeners on journeys in different parts of the world. Putting together the exotic sounds of the Middle East and modern, electronic sounds that add to the latter, Salman, hailing from Meilen-Zurich in Switzerland, created musical landscapes welcoming listeners to get lost in.The EP, which also includes new age and orchestral elements, includes three tracks, with one that has also been edited for the radio, added as a fourth bonus track.

Nashaat Salman Universal MelodiesWhile “Summer Night Joy” is strongly Middle Eastern, there is a bit of a Latin flavour to the melody that drives most of the track. In “Dancing Star”, the electronic intonations are the best at bridging the gap between traditional and modern, both in its original version and its radio edit. Finally, “Chasing” brings in more electronic elements than its predecessors but doesn’t forgo completely their Middle Eastern flavours.

If you are bringing people together and need some good ambient music that will uplift listeners, you could pop this EP in, although it might also backfire as it might capture your guests’ attention and divert the social evening into a musical appreciation night. More information about Nashaat Salman is available on his official website and his Facebook page; tracks are available for streaming on Bandcamp.

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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