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Blog Review: ‘Elle is for Love’ by Sépideh Sabati

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Elle is for Love on Sahar's ReviewsName: Sépideh Sabati
Blog: Elle is for Love
Her favorite post:

What better blog to launch a new featureon than that of my sister? Elle is for Love is, indeed, a labor of love, and I have been watching Sépideh work hard on putting together a blog that would combine her passions: fashion, beauty, health, and making the world a better place. That she managed to do just that is the major strength of her blog. She isn’t as much interested in making herself look good as much as she is about helping others feel as good as she does, either through inspiration or through practical, easily applicable tips.

Although at first glance, our blogs are completely different, this endeavor of hers has brought us closer together because we are both attempting to break through in the blogosphere with relatively untested formulas. How many blogs look at using fashion and beauty not as a way to enhance oneself, but rather, to ready oneself to enhance the community?  What a way to start a blog review feature!

The website’s design is simple and sleek. Four colours make regular appearances: white, black, grey, and fuchsia. On the landing page can be found the most recent posts; the website’s five sections—beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, and the mysterious, upcoming “Lovebox”—allow for quick navigation and finding an old post on a specific topic.

It’s not easy putting yourself out there, especially in a hypercritical world. I am proud of my sister for having the courage to not just put herself out there, but being authentic and true to herself, even if it means straying away from mainstream fashion and beauty blogs, the ultimate reason why everyone should give Elle is for Love a try.

First published on Sahar’s Reviews on 7 August 2015.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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