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The mystery of Google Trends

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Sometimes, when I ponder on the not so many ways I have to increase this blog’s readership, I am very tempted to blog about things that are popular rather than things that I like to blog about. For example, Google Trends has been telling me that, during the last 20 days, over half of the top 20 searches on Google have been about celebrities.

And I have to admit that I was more than tempted – I actually tried it. On that fateful morning, I opened up Google Trends and saw that Miley Cyrus was one of the top 10 searches that day. I opened up YouTube and looked up her songs. Then I went on her official site. Then I checked some personal blogs. Then I opened a Word document and, on top, wrote: Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana: an odd case of acceptable multiple personality disorder.

And then… Blank. I had no idea what to write. I deleted the title, wrote another one, didn’t like it, deleted it, and just left Miley Cyrus on top. I searched for a couple of images and inserted them in my still blank post. Then I went back to Google Trends, hoping that somehow, someone else that inspired me a little more was on the top 20 searches.

Surprise, surprise – the entire top 20 searches had changed. This time, Paris Hilton took some of the highest honours. I sighed, changed the title of my document to Paris Hilton, deleted the pictures, then proceeded to do the exact same thing – i.e., nothing – before doing another Google Trends search and realising, yet again, that the entire top 20 searched had changed.

There is a reason why I eat so much chocolate.

Talk about stressful. What’s a girl looking for some hits on her blog to do? It didn’t seem that smart anymore to base my posts on something as fickle as the top 20 searches on Google, especially when people seem to be searching for things that, well, don’t make sense – like on October 5th, when the 5th top search on Google was for – hang on to your hats – ‘nucular’. I know that is has to do with the way George W Bush and Sarah Palin pronounce it but seriously… FIFTH biggest Google search? You have to admit, that’s kind of sad. (Although it did direct me to what I thought was a cute post).

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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