A couple of Top Ten of 2008 Lists

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You knew it was coming. And if you didn’t… Do you read?

Top ten (or more) lists of 2008 are starting to trickle all over the Internet! Here are my favorite entries in fellow blogger Gillian’s various Top Ten lists (check the entire lists of Top Ten here):

(Disclaimer: This category has nothing to do with taste. It has to do with the most ubiquitous songs I’ve heard this year.)

10. RihannaDisturbia
That intro! My god! Bum bum-bee-dum, bum-bum bee-dum-dum… I’m humming it right now.

4. Leona LewisBleeding Love
Shut UP! This is like emo pop. Should not exist. Does not compute! *Head explodes*

1. Katy PerryI Kissed a Girl
…And I liked it. I actually (…) did. So kill me. It’s awesome to hear my mom singing this song. Seriously, who knew lesbianism was so universal?


10. Vampires
Between Twilight and True Blood, I’m watching my neck.

6. Batman obsessiveness
Who didn’t see The Dark Knight and then have some sort of philosophical question about it?

4. Facebook chat
It’s ruined my life and my grades. Dammit.

1. Complaining about gas prices
If you didn’t do this this year, you’re either Amish, living under a rock, or both. I spent over $70 filling up my tank this summer. That’s (…) ridiculous.

It only gets better! Check it out here.

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