Big Problems, Big Solutions: Not Always

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There seems to be an ever-increasing awareness that the world as we currently know it is falling apart.  There also seems to be an ever-increasing number of individuals who are channeling their energies into finding solutions. It is very exciting, as the more people are involved in the process of building a new, better world, the faster we will get there (and the less people will suffer).

But of course, there are still many obstacles in our way. One of these obstacles, which I have been reflecting about with a couple of my readers (by direct message on Twitter – funny how more efficient a discussion is, stripped of its fluff to be contained in 140 characters or less), is the belief that big problems imply big solutions.

I find it fascinating how solutions to seemingly big problems are relatively simple. It seems that the only reason these simple solutions do not work is because they require a lot of perseverance to follow through.  Take, for example, seeing only the good in people. It seems pretty straightforward, until someone joins your community whom you admire and, at the same time, who does things that insult you or hurt you all the time. The first couple of times perhaps it’s easy to remind yourself that this person does not mean any harm. But what about when you are already stressed, under duress, or sensitive? The solution to creating and maintaining harmony in your community is still the same – see the good in this person – but suddenly, it’s not as simple to put in place.

Another example, one that I have been blogging about often, is that of beauty. It’s easy for me as a woman to feel beautiful exactly the way I am when I am getting ready in the morning – we all have moments of contentment with our looks (especially when we are wearing our favourite outfit on a day when our skin is clear and smiling is as easy as breathing!). And it’s easy to remind yourself that the gorgeous models on the cover of magazines are brushed up and perfected. But it’s continuing to feel beautiful when faced with these images and when your day takes a turn for the worse that is difficult.

Persevering through sometimes seemingly impassable obstacles is the hard part of administering solutions that are relatively simple. Most of the world’s problems are related to a lack, at the level of each individual, of faith in the power of these seemingly easy things which, were we to apply them regularly, in good times and, especially, in bad times, could change the world.

After all, when you want to strengthen the building, you check and strengthen each brick, one at a time.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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