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Blog Review: ‘A Wanderlust Dossier’ by Nathalie Grogan

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Name: Nathalie Grogan
Blog Reviewed: A Wanderlust Dossier: A Chronicle of Our Beautiful World
Her favourite post:

Reviews 2016 02 05 Blog Review A Wanderlust DossierSome people have the great opportunity of working abroad and thankfully, a small part of these people take the time to share their experiences through a blog. This is what Nathalie Grogan does with her blog, “A Wanderlust Dossier: A Chronicle of Our Beautiful World”. Launched last May, it aims to, in the words of its founder, work as “a guide to teaching abroad in France, as well as travel tips in Europe”.

And what a guide it is. Nathalie has been taking full advantage of the cheap travelling options that link Europe’s various cities together like anyone living in Europe for a year should, in my mind. She’s been to Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain, to name a few. She also discussed matters related to living in France such as getting her carte vitale. When I asked her which of her posts is her favorite, Nathalie pointed me towards her post about Christmas markets in France, Germany, and Austria.

The personal and at times intimate nature of Nathalie’s chronicle of being abroad are only two of many reasons to check out her blog. There is also the amazing photography that brings to life her posts, as well as the way she weaves in historical information without weighing the text (or the reader) down. This blog is definitely one to follow; even if you can’t travel yourself to Europe, it just might help open our eyes and appreciate the beautiful world that we live in. Nathalie can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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