CNN: Ten ways to become a better person

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Not quite what I would have at first put on my list of ten ways to become a better person, but the more I think about it, more items on this list make sense to me.

Ten ways to become a better person

By Amelia McDonell-Parry

1. Pack your lunch: Instead of spending $10 on a sandwich that you don’t really enjoy, bring your lunch from home — you’ll save money (which can then be spent, guilt-free, on martinis at the end of the week), you’ll hopefully eat healthier, and you can use up leftovers instead of letting them rot away in your fridge.

2. Call your mom for no reason: It’s easy to go days and weeks without phoning home because of how busy we all are with work, but make it your mission to call your mom for no other reason than just to say, “Hi, what’s new?” It will literally fill her heart with joy.

3. Volunteer: Hit up a soup kitchen, read to the elderly at a nursing home, or even just donate your old winter coat to a clothing drive…there are so many easy ways to make a big impact on someone’s life. And, of course, selfishly speaking, doing good for others will make you feel good too.

4. Tip, even if your order was messed up: Everyone, even the most amazingly cheerful people, have an off-day. If your Starbucks barista accidentally makes your Skim Chai Venti Latte with whole milk, tip her anyway — she didn’t do it on purpose.

Interesting, no? Some of these tips make obvious sense, some others a little less, and some not at all. But they are all worth checking out! The rest of the list is available here.

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