CNN’s Planet in Peril: a great tool to further the environmental discussion

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Everyone who has been reading Sahar’s blog long enough knows that I’m a proponent of awareness only when it is accompanied by action. Awareness is essential; the Internet makes it possible for everyone. But often, we tend to become aware and then, well… Nothing. What’s the point of knowing about something if you aren’t going to do anything about it?

And, as those of you who have been reading Sahar’s blog long enough know, I don’t think the lack of action has anything to do with the fact that people don’t care. Quite the contrary; I think people care a lot, so much so that not knowing what to do depresses them. In this context, can we blame anyone for shutting out bad news when all it does is depress them?

Not me!

No one person can hope to accomplish much. We are not meant to live alone; therefore, we are not meant to do anything alone, which implies that we need to become aware together and act together. And we know that strength comes in numbers.

If you are hoping to find an answer in this post, you are going to be sorely disappointed. The only thing I can offer are my personal opinions and various tools in order to start off a process of reflection, consultation and action.

One such tool is based on the CNN series “Planet in Peril”. This series examines “the environmental conflicts between growing populations and natural resources”, which is a great starting point to questioning our influence on the planet’s health.

In itself, watching this documentary isn’t enough. There are questions that need to be asked and information that needs to be gleaned. Furthermore, a deeper understanding at our personal contribution to deterioration of our planet’s health needs to be reached.

So for those of you concerned with the planet, watch clips from the documentaries here and then go here for a great discussion guide developed to take fully advantage of ‘Planet in Peril’.

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