Countdown to Supernatural’s Season 5 Premiere: Only 10 days left!

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Ten days left! This is very exciting. Between all the new school supplies from back to school sales and Supernatural’s Season 5 premiere, September is going to be a good month.

And yes, I’m totally serious about the school supplies. Remember: I’m a nerd.

I felt like taking a break from nitpicking Season 4’s finale today, and thought I’d make a list of my favourite Season 4 episodes instead. And they are:

Episode 3, “In the Beginning”: It could be that I’m a huge sucker for emotional stuff, or that Mitch Pileggi was in this episode (for those of you who don’t know, he was also in the X-files, my favourite TV show ever). It was great to see the beginnings of the Winchester saga, to understand how it all started, and made me wonder just how far the ‘Winchester curse’ goes back.

Episode 5, “Monster Movie”: a great homage to silver screen scary (and I use that term loosely, since those movies have me in a fit of giggles throughout their entire duration) movies, this movie was all the more amusing in that it really puzzled our boys – and who could forget Dean Winchester in a little peasant boy’s outfit?

Episode 6, “Yellow Fever”: this episode was really good, but there is one reason, and one reason only that it made it on this list: seeing Dean Winchester act like a little baby, scared of his own shadow, was disturbingly hilarious, culminating in the girl-scream which has me laughing myself to tears each and every time (although I have seen it what, about 40 times by now?). It’s also very reminiscent of Fox Mulder’s scream in Season 3’s ‘Jose Chung’s from Outer Space’. Oh, wait – there is also the outtake of Jensen Ackles lip syncing and air guitaring to ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Episode 13, “After School Special”: another flashback-filled episode that fulfilled my need for emotional entertainment. Then again, I was upset that all we saw of John Winchester was the car, and not him. Too bad.

Episode 17: “It’s a Terrible Life”: Yet another ‘what the heck happened to the Dean Winchester we know and love’ Twilight Zone worthy episode, this one made me laugh throughout because of the little details here and there that make the entire show amazing: the Prius, the health shakes, and his freaking out at Sam’s too intent stare in the elevator.

Only 10 days left! SPN fans, rejoice!

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