Countdown to Supernatural’s Season 5 Premiere: Only 9 days left!

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I haven’t been this excited for a season premiere for quite some time. Even waiting for the season premiere of Ugly Betty (Season 3, I believe) to know if she had chosen to fly to join Henry, if she had chosen to go to Paris with Gio (whom I still miss) or if she had flown off on her own barely made it for two days after the finale, and resurged only a week (barely) before the premiere.
Now if the season premiere of Ugly Betty featured Dean and Sam hunting in Mode, then perhaps I’d be giddy.

Then again, perhaps I’d just be weirded out.

In any case, I can tell you that waiting for the Season 5 premiere of Supernatural is definitely different. I quite like it, all the more that I’m certain Kripke won’t disappoint. And if he does, well, it’s only a 4 hours flight away to get to him.

Sometimes I ever scare myself.

Today’s post has to do with Zachariah, the angels, and attitude – of which there is plenty in Supernatural.

Zachariah, to Dean: You’re our own little Russell Crowe, complete with surly attitude.

First off, what’s with Zachariah? The behaviour of the angels under his guidance, as well as his own behaviour, don’t seem very angel-like to me. Let’s make a list of Zach’s non-angel-like behaviour in this episode, shall we?

The fact that he locked up Dean in the room against his own wishes;

The fact that he offers Dean a stack of hamburgers tall enough to feed an army of Deans; isn’t gluttony on of the seven sins?

The fact that he jokes about getting 72 sluts in heaven – again, isn’t lust one of the seven sins?

The fact that he claims that ‘God has left the building’ – isn’t that on the one hand speaking a little disrespectfully about The Big Boss, and on the other, why would an angel speak in a way that could fill a human with despair and hopelessness?

It isn’t just the fact that Zachariah is acting so against his nature that bothers me, but rather that this seems to be a problem common to the ‘real’ world, which begs the question: is the world in the state it currently is (i.e. a bad one) because of the angels’ attitude (i.e. the attitude of ‘good’ people) and not because of the existence of demons (i.e. bad people)?

That would certainly at least partly explain why, on a planet with almost 7 billion people, most of which are good people, there are so many bad things happening, no?

Think about it.

Zach offers things to Dean that are sinful; he is acting hypocritically, lowering his ‘angel’ standards (which one would assume would be high) to that of Dean, a mere mortal. Don’t we see a form of this all the time around us? Good people who happen to live in a democracy don’t lift their voices in defence of those being oppressed – isn’t that hypocritical? Humans who act like animals, forgoing the gift of reasoning and logic they have been given – isn’t that hypocritical?

Zachariah, at a swearing Dean: Quite hurling feces like a howling monkey, will you? It’s unbecoming.

The other interesting thing that ties up with this argument is that the angels are basically resorting to a tactic that Sam himself is resorting to – i.e. that the ends justify the means.

Zachariah: Can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. In this case, truckloads of eggs, but you get the picture.

Which leaves me to wonder if, scarily enough, Dean is the only sane one left out there…

Oh, the social criticism is absolutely astounding and quite delectable to someone like me. Which makes me wonder, was Supernatural created as a form of social criticism and the way we all live, or if I just happen to see it like that because I still have nine days to go before Season 5’s premiere and I’m trying to keep myself busy so as to make time fly?

I’m really glad I waited so long to watch these last two episodes of Season 4. I would have gone bonkers had I watched them three months ago and had to wait the entire summer for Season 5. I only had what, 17 days to wait after I watched them, and it was interminable. How did you guys do it?

Let the countdown continue: 9 days to go.

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