Everything is alright? Really?

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I am always curious to meet the person behind claims that the world is doing OK and that we are not in need of a massive transformation of the very meaning we give to life – and everything related to it.

Then again, perhaps I can understand; it’s not easy transforming. If we could talk to caterpillars, I’m sure they would feel a little anxious before coccooning themselves, even if it is to become a butterfly.

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1 thought on “Everything is alright? Really?

  1. (aka Captain Midnight)
    I suppose the opening comment should begin thus: It depends on the perspective…but even then, millions of those seemingly immune (or relatively so) to the gathering calamities poised to swoop down on humankind and our little blue planet – would probably, in their little doggie hearts, secretly agree that all is not as it should be.
    I use relativity myself, often – when pondering the calamities of history. With reliable regularity this can convince me, at least on the surface of things, that we have made remarkable progress.
    What I have no patience with whatsoever, are those ideologies that would measure this by means of technology.
    That, I think, has become the great debate. Can we technologize our way past calamity? (as a skater dodging through the crowd upon the rink – narrowly missing impending head-on crashes.)

    Personally, I would tend to think that the actual meaning of life is doing rather well. I hadn’t noticed that it was in deep trouble. I often take the pulse, temperature and blood pressure, and send it on its way with a clean bill of health.

    However, the meaning of many things that AFFECT life – now there’s a whole new story. Prognosis, diagnosis – can be new and thrilling horror stories for the masses. Wonderful entertainment for all, and a truly captivating adventure…
    For adventure is what it is. Heroes, villains, damsels tied to railway tracks, underdogs down but not quite out…

    If I were an astute businessman with contacts and contracts for naughty tiger parts, sold for thousands per ounce, and had a reliable stable of tiger hunters quite capable of providing me with hundreds of pounds of the stuff – the world would look rather prosperous, remunerative, and downright freely enterprising – to me.
    Not so for the tigers.
    (there’s that maddening little perspective, again.)

    It is quite obvious how the tigers feel about it.
    On the other hand, though they be beautiful beasts, they have no power of commentary on the morals and ethics of the thing.
    And sadly, that businessman can so easily become the pillar of his community, adored by all, respected by his peers…with no consequences beyond his actions.

    Thus, has the world ever been. Just ask the ghosts of walruses who used to winter pleasantly upon the bay at Chesapeake (until the ancestors of my ancestors found them there) and so…founded the fathers of the fathers of a glorious nation –
    or so it seems.

    I can wonder if the hindquarters of this strange voracious consuming appetite have perhaps caught up with his head (which offers up delightful imagery for the imagination!)

    Meanings: starting with, how do we occupy this planet in a humane and responsible way? How do the weak resolve themselves with the strong? How do we overcome the folly of fiscal wisdom? The stench of overextended wealth, like a supersized fast food dinner, has permeated so much of what so many take to be the meaning of life.
    Ah….one must ponder the very treasures of existence which CAN’T be bought, to come up with any satisfactory conclusion.

    My father dropped a little bug in my ear when I was but a bewildered lad: ‘Security….is an illusion. One can spend an entire lifetime chasing it down, tieing it up, locking it away for safekeeping…
    and it can be gone in an instant.’

    The real security – is something one carries inside.
    And for free.

    When we are tempted to invest moral authority upon just exactly how one earns their daily bread….very few loaves can withstand the critical examination of correct deployment. All those ugly little secrets scampering about the affairs of humans, like 5th dimensional rats. (too many hear those ravaging little teeth, these days.)

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