Guest Blogger on Engendering Equality

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Ah blogging, how I love you. Not only do you provide me with yet another social space in which I can learn so much, but I get to discover gems such as Engendering Equality, a fantastic blog that promotes discussion around a document prepared by the Institute for Studied in Global Prosperity entitled “Advancing towards the Equality between Women and Men”.

Unsurprisingly, I took to the blog quickly (I know, what a surprise – not!) and was recently ask to contribute a post. The question I and other contributors were asked to reflect on where our thoughts, actions and reflection on the promotion of gender equality in our social spaces. This of course struck quite a chord in me, since it bring together gender equality and yet another topic near and dear to me, that of the power of grassroot efforts.

Check out my contribution here. I look forward to reading your own reflections!

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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