Product Review: Yves St-Laurent’s Loveshine Lipstick & Urban Decay’s Face Bond Foundation

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Butterly is at it again!  This time, the team sent me, last week, two Yves St-Laurent Loveshine High-Shine Caring Lipsticks and Urban Decay’s Face Bond Waterproof Foundation.  It’s been a week, and I have been asked to post a review within a week of receiving the products, so I again am focusing on only the products, using them every day, and just recording the experience.

In about six months, however, I’ll be posting a more in-depth review of these products.  I’ll continue using them and keep recording how they perform, but also dig a little into the companies behind them, ethical practices, and environmental concerns.

Yves St-Laurent’s Loveshine High-Shine Caring Lipstick in Nude Lavallière and Nude Lingerie

The lipsticks I received came in fully recyclable cardboard boxes, while the tubes themselves seem to be completely made of plastic (can we bring back metallic lipstick tubes and just purchase the inside piece, please?)  YSL does packaging really well; I have really enjoyed whipping these babies out.  I feel like the ultimate glam gal and loving the feeling.  The lipstick’s texture is borderline lip balm texture, and I’m totally here for it.  It smells divine—like a juicy cold nectarine you’ve just bitten into (can you tell I am very eager for summer?)  It hydrates amazingly well; I haven’t had to reach for my lip balm at all a single time this week.  And I don’t get that weird taste at the back of my throat that I get with some lipsticks, thankfully.  Goodness, I hate that taste so much.

Both colors I received from Butterly were close to my natural lip color.  The Nude Lingerie gave my lips a pinkish hue, while the Nude Lavallière turned them a little darker, with both adding a lovely shine to my lips.  I didn’t find it was particularly buildable, but I don’t think the colors that I received were different enough from my natural lip color that I would notice buildability.  I am planning on trying out a bolder color at Sephora next time I go there.  The shine does transfer off easily when I’m eating or drinking, but it only gives me an excuse to whip out the pretty tube of lipstick again, so I’m ok with that.

Now the thing is that the price point of this lipstick is quite high – at CA$61.00 at Sephora.  It’s a lovely splurge item, especially if you want to have a little bit of glamour to carry around on a daily basis.  I’m curious to know more about the other colors, and intrigued to see if it’ll keep my lips hydrated through a Canadian winter.  I am considering not just doing a six-month check-in, but also a one-year check-in to test this lipstick through winter.

Unfortunately this lipstick is not available on Amazon at this time, so no Affiliate link is available!

Urban Decay’s Face Bond Waterproof Foundation in Cool Olive

When I tell you this foundation stays on, it STAYS on like there is no tomorrow.  I wore it at the pool (yes, I went in, and yes, I dunked my head underwater many times, thank you very much); there was no discernible difference in the before and after pictures I took (and, to my relief, no foundation dripping off my face into a widening weird skin colored underwater cloud.)

The bottle I was sent came in a fully recyclable cardboard box, but unfortunately the bottle itself it all plastic.  The dropper system is really great when it comes to not making a mess but also when I wanted to add a tiny bit of foundation on a spot I’d missed.  I tried applying it on some days with a sponge and on other days with my fingers.  Both methods worked really well with this foundation, although I was able to achieve a more natural-looking look with less coverage using the sponge.

I used my fingers on pool day so I had a fuller coverage.  It was really impressive.  I have pretty dark undereye circles and I felt like I got a full year’s worth of sleep what with how well they were covered.  Too bad my body and brain didn’t get that memo.

I do know that the foundation’s formula include a serum, which is supposed to help improve skin texture after 4 weeks.  Obviously, since I have to post a review only seven days after receiving the product, I can’t tell you much about any skin improvement.  But I will be posting a follow-up in about six months, and I am planning on testing this baby on the hottest summer days, which means sweat, humidity, and pool-time.  I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what’ll happen.

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0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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