Review: Heroes, Episode 7, Season 3

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The twists and turns in Heroes had been known to give its viewers headaches, but this season is bound to give them migraines. It also feels like the series is back to it’s full former glory, which was slightly tainted during season 2. Actually, I’d like to correct myself: I think that Season 3 of Heroes just might be better than Season 1. I’ll let you know when the season is over, the DVD is out and I have watched it, oh, say, five or six times?

A couple of noteworthy points:

The fact that Claire might be losing not only her physical sensitivity (as demonstrated by her inability to feel pain) but that she might be also losing her emotional ability explains how she had become, in the future we saw earlier this season, a killer with no remorse. While most people would love to have her ability – imagine, healing and feeling no pain! – it’s a heads up to her upbringing that Claire is fighting to keep her humanity. Hayden’s great portrayal of Claire Bennett makes it all the more poignant (has anyone else noticed how Claire’s eyes seem dead, except for rarer and rarer moments of ‘humanity’?).

I feel sorry for poor Sylar, being manipulated by all those whose acceptance he craves. It might be that at the end of the day, only one person will stand by him: Peter. Sylar’s mother might be using him, and so might his father. If he had been normal up to now, he would probably have gone a little loco after this. Makes you wonder how, in the alternate future we saw earlier during the season (the same one with Claire-the-killing-machine Bennett), Sylar managed to become so, well, nice. It can’t be only because of the love he had for his son – which reminds me of some more questions: who was the mother of that child, and why was his name Noah?

And I finally figured out that the ‘African Man’ has a name, and it’s Usutu! Yay! Now if only they would specify where ‘Somewhere in Africa’ is…

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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