Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 14: The Courtship of Betty’s Father

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Now that I have gotten the mega-massive ready frenzy out of the way, I’m slowly catching up on my TV shows, including, of course, Ugly Betty. Episode 14, The Courtship of Betty’s Father, was definitely another fun episode, but it was a little lukewarm. I still haven’t figured out if it’s the show that has lost a little steam or if it’s the fact that beside everything that is happening in the world, I can’t get into any TV show as much as I used to be able to.

In any case, I really enjoyed the various story arcs: Ignacio and Elena, Claire and Daniel, Daniel and Molly and, of course, Connor and Wilhelmina (who is yet again wearing colour – what is going on with the world?).

Daniel’s dodging of Connor-related memories was an interesting albeit slightly monotone story arc, but he made up for it – at least in my mind – with the lovely birthday surprise he arranged for his mother. Speaking of which, what an amazing dress Claire Meade was wearing! Sixtieth birthday or not, that woman certainly can wear a dress. Now, where can I get me one of those?

The story arc about Ignacio dating Elena was also interesting, especially since it forces the girls to deal with their lingering grief over their mother’s passing.

Claire (to Betty about his father’s dating Elena): He’s not ready, or you’re not ready?

We often tend to forget that, when something bothers us, it usually has a lot to do with ourselves, as much as it has to do with whatever is bothering us. It’s the kind of soul-searching that, in this time of confusion and economic turmoil, is absolutely essential – and yes, I did just use Ugly Betty to plug in Barack Obama’s message of change. It just seems to come, I can’t help it!

On a side note, why is Claire Meade limping?

Another very interesting story arc was that of Wilhelmina accepting the fact that she’s in love with Connor and opening up to him. Her initial attempt, with help from Marc, was absolutely hilarious, and her reward – i.e. having the perhaps dubious pleasure of bird-sitting Olivia Newton Bird – was quite amusing. I wish they had spent a little more time going into the whole love-power-whatever thing conversation Marc and Wilhelmina had.

And I find that this is what is now lacking in Ugly Betty. Whereas before, the show made very good points without lingering over anything for too long – hence giving viewers enough to mull over for an entire week, if not more – this season seems to be the contrary: it takes a long time to make a point in such a way that it doesn’t give much to mull over. Perhaps the writers aren’t inspired anymore since there isn’t any intense drama à la murder going on anymore. Or perhaps winter has frozen all my sensibilities, and I will not be able to fully appreciate this episode of Ugly Betty until they have thawed in the hopefully soon to come springtime.

Finally, it’s interesting to note how most of the older characters – Ignacio, Connor, Wilhelmina, Daniel and Molly – are dating (except for Claire), but none of the younger ones are… Madonna, with her fight against ageism, would certainly be proud. I wonder if she watches Ugly Betty?

My favourite funny moments of this episode:

Hilda (talking to Betty about Elena): She’s like the big sister I never had. Now I know how important I am to you.
Justin (helping Betty out with the videocamera): I’m a teenager. Technology doesn’t faze me.
Hilda (confronting Ignacio about his grabbing Elena’s, euh, backside): Daddy, we saw you going for the junk in our nurse’s trunk.
Amanda (about the video project): Hello Betty. How is the Claire witch project going?

PS: Christina? Baby? Anyone?

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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