Review: Ugly Betty, Season 3, Episode 15: There’s no place like Mode

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Just as I was seriously starting to wonder if the writers had decided to just drop the Christina/baby angle comes a great episode from Ugly Betty that culminates in quite a Wilhelmina-worthy birth of her child. And you all know how critical I have become lately of both Ugly Betty and Heroes, so this is high praise.First of all, it must be said: I really missed Christina! I missed her! Her style! Her wit! Her quips! Oh Christina, never leave me again!

So, on a less emotional note, Fashion Week is back, and with it, it’s usual and subsequent insanity – and this year, YETI just comes along at the perfect time to make it even worse than usual.

About YETI, I’m glad that the show’s writers gave Betty the chance to meet someone who – at least for now – seems really decent and is extremely smart (MBA? Law school? Are you kidding me?). Hopefully he won’t turn out to be either a Gio or a Henry – my heart might break all over again.

What can I say – I’m quite an involved viewer.

Speaking of involvement, the Molly story arc is also quite interesting. The dilemma between having a fun makeover (everyone looks better after a makeover) and not letting it change who you are or affect the way you think of yourself is a very real one for many, many young women out there, and this was quite a fun yet direct way of directly addressing it. Anyone who had the time, money and patience to go through the same makeover Molly did would probably look just as fantastic. If you doubt me, just take the time to get yourself a very simple, inexpensive modelling portfolio. It will boggle your mind how first the makeover will transform you, and second how lighting and Photoshop can make you look even better.

Betty: If I decide to have a career in fashion, I decide what’s beautiful.

Basically, this is the type of world that we live in, one where a relatively minuscule number of people decide what is beautiful and what is not, and where millions upon millions agree to accept this definition – including myself.

A little ridiculous, wouldn’t you say, when you think about it?

Another ridiculous thing is Heinrich (hey, after all, this is a review – but an in-depth post about this issue will probably grace this blog sometime soon). Heinrich is absolutely ridiculous – and it’s interesting how he makes Betty understand what fashion is about.

Daniel: Congratulations. You found a way to make unwearable clothes beautiful.

Because for all the negative aspects of the fashion world, we have to hand it to them: it’s about art, and it can really be beautiful – even if you can’t wear them.

Matt: Aren’t you supposed to wear clothes?

And, just like art, not everyone really gets fashion.

Heinrich: Listen to the clothes. They will tell you what to do.

It’s going to be interesting to see how, not that Betty gets fashion, she will be able to skyrocket at Mode, thus advancing her career.

And fashion does allow for some degree of elevation – in the case of Hilda and Elena, who was gifted with a ticket to the event by Justin (oh, Justin, how adorable you are), it allowed them to reach over that barrier separating them. After all, there is nothing like ridiculous, blade-based fashion to get two women to bond. Hopefully Elana will now be a permanent fixture in the Suarez household – it would be nice to have a more mature female influence in that house.

And, finally, the pinnacle of this episode, a truly Ugly Betty worthy moment: the birth of Wilhemina’s baby boy. As I mentioned it at the beginning of the review, this was the only way Wilhelmina’s latest child could be brought into the world – with her looking fabulous and stealing the show.

By the way… What the heck are stirrup pants?

My favourite funny moments:

Betty: Fashion week is nothing compared to genocide week. Sorry, that came out wrong.

Mark (to Wilhelmina): I’m worried that the Cavalli makes you look too Michelle Obama at the Mall.
Mark (to Wilhelmina): Did I ever tell you what a fabulous body you have? You’d never know you’re about to have a child.

Betty: Do you have any non-fashion related assignments for me?
Daniel: Betty… It’s fashion week at a fashion magazine.

Betty: And I don’t know what I can learn from sports guy.
YETI Teacher: Who is right behind you. Awkwaaaaaard…
Amanda: I just remembered that I can’t read. My secret shame.
Heinrich: We will make love. Not today, but some day.
Hilda (before stomping off in anger): I have no problem being mature.
Daniel: What was that?
Betty: It’s jumping. It was your idea.
Heinrich: You are the first person to understand me, Betty Suarez. But still we will wait to make love.
5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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