The real meaning of Christmas?

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I love walking in downtown shopping areas during the days leading to Christmas. Everyone seems to be in a good mood (well, almost everyone), there are bright lights everywhere, colourful packaging with bold designs, cheerful music, delightful scents – in short, it’s like a brief period of amazing cheer and happiness.

If only the entire year could be like this, and if only the entire world could be like this.

But wait a second… It could be possible! After all, isn’t Christmas about celebrating the Birth of His Holiness Jesus Christ, who brought us a Message of love and unity?

Then again, maybe He got lost between the hot chocolate stands and the giant for sale signs, amidst the crowds of harried last minute shoppers. Who knows? The only thing that is certain is that for most people, Christmas isn’t the happy time of the year it’s supposed to be anymore.

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